Non-Slip Coatings is part of the Kote Products brand.

Kote is constantly focusing on ways to bring to the public the best quality products for their needs. You are definitely getting your money's worth when you purchase one of Kote's products to use around your home.

Most of the products are easily applied by you the customer, however, if you do not have the time or physical ability to apply any yourself, you are welcome to use any of the contractors that use our products for their businesses.....

Take a look below for some of our local Contractors who are using the Kote Products and swear by them after having multiple success stories and many happy clients.



B&M Coatings

Kote Contractor

Phone: Bruce - 082 082 5277

Redefine Holdings

Kote Contractor

Phone: Nick -  074 128 6138 / 087 095 6458