BricKote is perfect if you want to have a different effect on your walkway rather than pebbles or our GritKote, which is a pitch-black coating.


Designed and manufactured to be a transparent, UV Stable, Eco-Friendly coating that you can apply to any surface.


Tired of your driveway cracking and fading?

Our GritKote is perfect for your driveway, as it is weather-resistant and holds its colour for much longer than regular tarmac. It is flexible and hard-wearing so it can withstand heavy traffic flow and is 100% non-slip in the rainy weather.


PebbleKote is the answer to all your aesthetic dreams. No longer do you have to worry about maintaining or raking your pebble driveway


RubbaKote is the rubberized coating that allows you to create a non-slip surface not just on your walkways but you can also use it on the back of your Bakkie bin.


SandKote is perfect for a beach cottage or Bed and Breakfast near the beach, you can lay it on your pathways between your room or if you would like to do something even more unique why not use it as a floor coating on the patio?

The possibilities are endless if you brainstorm for long enough